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  • Stainless steel precision ground gold tips
  • Comfortable non-slip handles
  • Bonus carrier pouch

Every girl should own a good quality pair of tweezers to give herself a beautiful groomed look. Our tweezers are crafted from premium stainless steel, with precise tip alignment, will grab even the tiniest hair every time. Select from our collection a tweezers according to your personal preference. We offer tweezers in different finish such as satin polished, mirror polished, black electro finished and gold plated.

Slant Tip - provides a larger gripping area for quick and easy hair removal.
Point Tip - good for precision tweezing, especially for individual hair or short hairs.
Flat Tip - ideal for coarse and stubborn hairs. Curved Slant tip - ideal for plucking straight hair with a more clear view.

INSTRUCTION: It is ideal to tweeze after a bath or shower as pores are opened. Use our Brow & Lash Brush to brush brow into place. Gently pluck one hair at a time in the direction hairs grow. Tweeze from below the brow to create a clean shape, following brow’s natural arch.

CARE: Dropping tweezers might damage the tip and throw them out of alignment. Always keep the tweezers in pouch when not in use. Clean after each use. To prevent rusting, have the tweezers lightly oiled and kept in a dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

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