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  • Styling eyelashes
  • Reusable & easy to use
  • Extra adhesive included

These styling eyelashes are designed for intensifying and adding depth of your eyes with injecting enough glamour into the eyes. Easy application and extra quick-dry gel allows for multiple uses so you can achieve natural looking lush lashes again and again.

Step 1: To prepare for the application, make sure your eyelid and lashes are clean of any makeup. Curl your real lashes with an eyelash curler.
Step 2: Trim off any excess from the outer edge in width or length to suit your eye size. For a more natural look, trim the ends unevenly.
Step 3: Carefully apply a very thin line of glue along the base of the lashes and wait a few seconds for the glue to become tacky before you move on to the next step.
Step 4: Using tweezers or your fingers gently hold the false lash and apply on the lid as close to the roots as possible from the outer corner of your eye. Use a cotton swab to press lashes in place. Once the false eyelashes are applied, let them dry for a couple minutes.
Step 5: Apply a liquid or pencil eyeliner to camouflage the false lashes. Apply mascara to lashes to blend them in with your real ones.

Step 1: Soak up a cotton pad or cotton swab with eye makeup remove.
Step 2: Gently dab the eye makeup remover on your lash line, where your false eyelashes are attached. Try to avoid your eye as much as possible. Let the eye makeup remover sit for a while to let the remover soften the lash glue.
Step 3: Wipe the excess eye makeup remover off with a facial tissue. Gingerly take the outer corner of the lash inwards with tweezers or your fingers.
Step 4: After the false eyelash has been completely removed, soak a cotton swab with eye makeup remover to remove any residual glue on your eyes.

Step 1: Put the lashes in a clean container and soak it a bit with the eye makeup remover. Let the lashes soak in the remover for a bit to make the glue really soft and less sticky.
Step 2: Take the lashes out of the container and gently pull off the glue on the lash bone using a tweezers. Or wipe off the glue away from the lashes with tissue in the direction of the hairs.
Step 3: Let the lashes dry on top of a clean tissue and groom it with a lash comb. Store it back on the storage tray for re-use.

Adhesive Natural Rubber Latex. CARE: Keep out of reach of children.

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